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Project Description
This addin aims to add the missing group feature in OneNote
This project aims to provide a small set of useful additions for Microsoft OneNote.
The main focus is on shapes and ink. Maybe in the future there will be also small improvements in different areas.

Current features:
  • Grouping of elements
Planned features:
  • Something like a custom library for reusing drawings like hand drawn diagrams etc.

This addin is still in testing phase!
Currently only grouping of shapes, ink and images are supported. Technically said: InkDrawing and Image elements. It's only tested with OneNote 2010 and partly 2013 preview yet.


How does it work?
In fact this addin is only a workaround for the missing group feature of OneNote. It takes the selected elements, draws them on a bitmap and adds the bitmap to the OneNote page. This has some disadvantages like a little blurry lines and bad scaling of group elements. For me it was already useful for not to complicated use cases.

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